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We produce the following sprouts:

  • Alfalfa Sprouts
  • *Broccoli Sprouts  (see more info below)
  • Salad Blend 
  • Deli Blend
  • Radish Sprouts
  • Bean Sprouts
  • Onion Sprouts
  • Spicy Blend Sprouts
  • Gourmet Blend Sprouts
  • SunFlower Shoots (micro green)
  • Radish Shoots (micro green)
  • Pea Tendrils (micro green)
  • and other varieties available upon request!

Where can I buy SunSprouts? You'll find our product in the produce section or if you are having trouble locating sprouts, ask for the Produce Manager or Produce Department Manager.

Some Information about Sprouts:

All sprouts are a rich source of vitamins, mineral and nutrients. Sprouts are a power house of nutrition many times more than their corresponding mature plants. Sprouts contain concentrated phytochemicals (plant compounds) that can protect us from disease.

Alfalfa sprouts contain significant dietary sources of phytoestrogens that can help lower bad cholesterol and help protect against heart disease. Alfalfa sprouts have been shown to help with certain cancers as well. Sprouts also contain an abundance of plant estrogens which help to increase bone density and protect against osteoporosis. Sprouts contain natural antioxidants that help protect us from the ongoing effects of aging.

* Broccoli sprouts are exceptionally high in sulforaphane or SGS for short, which is a cancer fighting compound. (Click the sgs link below for more information). 

Sunsprouts broccoli sprouts variety were developed/discovered by scientists at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. The seed we sprout is specially sourced to meet the highest levels of SGS.

Our Spicy blend Radish sprouts contain 10 times more calcium than a potato and contain more vitamin C than pineapple. Onion sprouts are abundant in vitamin A, C and D and are 20% protein.

Crunchy bean sprouts are a good source of protein, vitamin A and C with very few calories. Great in stir fries or making home made egg rolls. See recipe on the back of our bean sprouts bags! 

All these sprouts are great way to add nutritional value while spicing up a dish or topping a salad or sandwich.